Friday, May 26, 2006

UPDATE October 2007

I am sorry I have no word on Bessie or where she is at this time. She approached me near the Capitol in Washington D.C. and asked if I could help her; putting this story [as follows] on the web for her was all I was able to do. Her family has written from South Africa; of course they are concerned, and all information is appreciated.

Bessie Daughtrey says she has been essentially attacked - thrown out of a house [816 Bold St., Portsmouth VA, 23701] and the house sold - and that David L. Durica M.D., a seemingly respectable orthopaedic surgeon in Portsmouth Virginia who intelligence sources suggest might be vulnerable on money, is behind it.

The specificity of her case, the similarity of her case to others, and his potential vulnerability lead to the immediate suspicion her allegations are probably true.

[apparent referral – unsolicited]

David L. Durica, M.D.

Specializing in Knee, Hip and Shoulder Surgery Dr. David L. Durica has been practicing in Portsmouth since 1971 and has a background which suggests he could be vulnerable to a CIA affiliation. Prior to Portsmouth, Dr. Durica was Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at the United States Air Force Hospital at Ramey Air Force Base in Puerto Rico. A Diplomate of the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, he received his medical doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He completed his orthopaedic residency at Northwestern University and Cook County Hospital in Chicago.
Humanitarian efforts by Dr. Durica include volunteering his expertise and surgical skills in Nicaragua.

The Essential Story

Bessie [Mlisana - she's blk South African] Daughtrey
Paid off house in Portsmouth Va. 1999 [816 Bold St., Portsmouth Va., 23701].
Thrown out of it June 28 2001 - in other words, PRIOR to 9/11 unlike Judy Cunningham of Carbondale Ill., who was thrown out of hers about a month AFTER 9/11.
Daughtrey went for a walk at 7:00 a.m. and came back to find men throwing her stuff into the yard [without warning - no summons or civil action or anything]. Contrasts with Cunningham who was out of town and returned to find squatters in the house.

Daughtrey has been a United States citizen since 1973; her husband died 1993.

She had been working at a Dollar Tree store [Chspk Sq.] and feels the manager - Peter Krantz - brought the surveillance mechanisms to her house in driving her home one night [turning around in the street for no reason].

Her children/grandchildren in South Africa have vanished and she is very concerned they've been sold into slavery:
Daughter age 49
Twins age 18
Boy 10

She has a second daughter [Lisa Daughtrey age 37] who is a broker - apparently real estate - in the Washington D.C. area she is similarly unable to locate.
Daughter Lisa has a son Ian.

Now the strange part.
Daughtrey says Peter Jennings isn't dead but helps her [Peter Jennings ?]. Ann Powers is a classic example of prominent people in threat mitigation, but conceptually dead prominent people is extreme to the extent it compromises the story [typically blown in Lowenstein matters for example].
Suggests Ian may be with Jennings, or in any case is provided hope [false or otherwise].
Says she is the number 7 widow - apparently this fellow Durica has done it to women before; she thought she was number 6 but then one day the number went up and she was number 7.

We do not know for sure whether she is implanted or not [or with what] but think she is.

She definitely suffers induced audio sequences, saying Durica is very insecure and feels compelled to brag about everything he's done, and 'the ability to brag' - and make her hear it - probably represents a technology issue though maybe not.

It may be possible to induce at least crude audio sequences without an invasive neuro technology; without evaluating the quality of the audio it isn't possible to say with certainty whether Daughtrey is implanted or not.
Contrasting with Sheila Bilyeu, Ann Powers and Dennis Sweeney-type cases, Daughtrey does not suggest anyone other than Durica originates audio sequences.

At some level the 'insecurity' may reflect an inability to fully evaluate supporting mechanisms on his part [good surgeon / lousy patient; good surgeon lousy at supervising dirt bag riff raff the CIA endlessly throws up on retainer].

Posted MAY 2006; awareness is appreciated.